Reiki + Energy Healing Services


Quantum Reiki + Quantum Code Healing

This unique healing modality is a fusion of:

  • Quantum healing and Reiki healing
  • Supercharged quantum healing codes
  • Zibu Angelic codes and symbol activations
  • Alignment of the energy centres
  • Angelic ray healing
  • Angelic tuning forks

Reiki is quantum in nature, in that it works with energy at the subatomic level. Each person has a natural ‘life force’ which regulates the autonomic functions of the body, that is beats your heart, regulates your blood levels, endocrine system, and so much more. This supercharged healing works on the conscious and subconscious levels.

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Soul Rebalance Quantum Healing (SRQ)

A truly unique and powerful healing modality that helps to balance, activate, clear one's energy, protect and attune one to balance and harmony. This deep dive into healing areas of concern (physical + emotional), clearing blockages, cords, attachments and more. 

What's Included: ******
*A sacred and unique healing method
*Session recording sent in a downloadable file link

* A custom essence spray created post-session
*A detailed 1-2 page report which includes channelled messages from your guides, post-session instructions & recommendations, meditation links, further clearing instructions, and oracles card messages.
* 1 follow-up call/ check-in (2 weeks) on how you're shifting and adjusting to your treatment
* Channeled messages from spirit guides, past life tune-ins, oracle card pulls and more. Clearing Cords & Timelines with Archangels Michael & Raphael. Golden Angelic Rays Healing, 
* Quantum Healing with supercharge codes to clear energy, cords and DNA activation.
*Negative Energy Clearing + Entity Attachment Removal, Realigning and Changing of Patterns. 
*Tuning the body with DNA repair forks and other powerful tuning forks,
*Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing + Tuning and meridian balancing
*Activations,  Energy Clearing of your Light Body and Silver Rod Timeline Alignment to set you back on your sacred path
After your session, you will feel the difference with your first new step. You will feel lighter, in tune with your body, happier, and healthier.

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Inner Transformational Alchemy Healing (ITA)

“It’s not just a healing, it’s a journey within.”

As we go through our daily lives, we collect energies, thoughts, imprints, and emotions for others as well as ourselves. This energy is collected in our energetic system. If not cleaned and “washed away” daily it builds up, eventually causing imbalances in our physical bodies, otherwise known as disease. Everything starts with our energetic system. 

In the 2 hour session of Inner Transformational Alchemy (ITA), we clean up the energy system, allowing energy to flow more freely. 

Cleaning up the energetic system (chakras and layers of the energy body) can include:

Clearing and healing timelines. Clearing and healing karmic contracts and baggage. Clear past trauma energy locked inside the body. Identify, heal and clear energy patterns trapped within the body. Release stuck or blocked energy in the body and chakras. 

Identify gifts and strengths. weaknesses or trouble spots. Connecting with your higher self, guides and totem animals. Passing on messages from deceased loved ones or guides.

Give tools for your energetic toolbox to cope and deal with stress and anxiety to release what no longer serves you. Give tools for empowerment.

Help you to connect with your intuition and intuitive gifts. Help identify these gifts.

Use Quantum Codes as a guide to help move you towards your life purpose and mission. Awaken you to your life’s purpose and mission.

Release the stuck energy that can cause disease, helping you to feel lighter and more clear. Relax and unwind. Release tension in the physical body.

Tools to help quiet the “monkey” mind. Clear the aura of attachments and cords as well as the chakras. 3D/4D/5D energy healing to help balance, clear and align the chakras.

Release past life patterns that are holding you back from experiencing your true potential in your present lifetime.

Bring fragments of yourself back to help you stand in your true power. Helps to connect to your authenticity and your authentic self.

Binaural Beats to help raise your frequency are used.

After your session, the chakras are aligned, and your vibration comes into balance, creating a palpable shift in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. This improves your physical health as well as your mental health. You’ll feel lighter, and clearer as if someone has lifted a burden from you.

One should note that one session is not enough to clear everything. It is like the multi-layers of an onion. One level is peeled back to reveal another and another. Eventually, you’ll be able to quickly clear your debris using the tools given in each session, allowing a deeper understanding of energy and how your system works.

As everyone is unique not everyone’s experience will be the same. Each individual will respond differently. Some will need many sessions while others only a few. Every person is unique. Having no expectations and keeping an open mind will allow for greater healing to occur.  

A 13-page report on what was discussed and recommendations to help move you through the energy is included. This will be emailed to you in 2 to 3 days.

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Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Exploration

Explore your experience of spirituality.
Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Exploration Initial (90 Mins) includes:
*Insight on your spiritual journey through life. *Guidance & counselling on your path to awakening and evolving with spiritual activation that helps to enhance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
*A downloadable link to the session recording.

*We delve in and explore your curiosity in a safe environment.
*Some of what you will gain from this session
*How to better receive messages from your higher power.
*How to enact the wisdom imparted to you from beyond.
*Dream Journal Suggestions, mindfulness and meditation,
*symbols and identify and patterns, tracing back to your childhood
Several resources for enhanced learning and exploration and questions about spirituality and awakening those sixth senses.
And remember to keep an open mind.
It’s important to journal and write down your experiences and the process that you are embarking on.
Write your insights as they come to you without judgment.

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Abundance Ritual Clearing + Activation

Much of people's money blocks are connected to energy, old belief patterns and programming. Some of these programs are ancestral and some are past lives.

This ritual and healing helps in rewiring our negative beliefs about money and abundance can take time and deep healing work. Most of us have been programmed.  This energetic energy work is focused on strengthening your financial foundation and stimulating the flow of money and the abundance that comes with it. 

We journey into the Akashic records to conclude and clear any blockages and debris around money. Rituals include letter burning, akashic work, cord-cutting, timeline work, past life regression, the use of sigillas (sigel-like word images in which the desire is intertwined) and more. If you're ready to clear your money blocks, this ritual is for you.  

Our practitioners have many years of experience as holistic healers and intuitive and of helping others heal.  

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