Collection: Chakra "I AM" Essences

Chakra "I AM" Essences 

Chakra "I AM" Essence Sprays are truly unique essence blends with high-frequency energy infused into them. They are  sentient energies of high frequencies

The "I AM's" really speak to and connect us to our light bodies and divine essences. Every chakra and every meridian connects to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. When those chakras are bogged down, it makes it difficult to heal and manifest wonderful things into our lives.

The "I AM" sprays give us a way to clear, open, heal and rebalance our chakras bringing them to healthy optimal levels. The more one works with these sprays the more they work. They have a beautiful compounding effect. Using these "I AM" Essence will very much shift one's energy and biofield. If you are already on a spiritual journey, these will certainly help you to clear away the debris and densities. If you are just awakening or starting your spiritual journey, these will certainly propel you forward. Either way, be prepared for change and the shifts that take place when one truly embarks on a healing journey within the self, spirit and the universe.

May the Chakra "I AM" Essences be a guiding light for all who utilize their magical and transformative energy.

Furthermore, these high-frequency, high-vibrational artisan products are hand-made using only natural ingredients. The sprays are charged through Sacred Geometry and alchemy processes utilising channelled quantum codes. The contain crystal energies, biofloral essences, flower essences, liquified gem elixirs, essential oils, crystal bowl tuned, programmed with quantum reiki energy and quantum codes, crystalline structures, cosmic vibrations, crystal sound healing, planetary and moon frequencies  connect with higher resonances and fields of consciousness.

These essences have been created to open, expand and activate one’s light body to optimal healthy state. This allows one to be radiant, empowered and strong. 

Aluminium Free, Cruelty-Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Vegan