Personalized Aromatherapy Sessions:

Do you have a specific need that you would like to address with a natural, aromatherapy product? We care about the whole of you which includes how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Speak with our holistic and aromatherapy practitioners about your goal (stress relief, pain or allergy relief, etc) and with your input, a unique blend will be formulated for you. They will recommend appropriate methods of use and product formats for the blend. The custom blend will be specific to you, not just your ailments. 
Session includes consultation and 10 ml custom blend.

Aroma Insight Tarot Reading + Custom Blend:

This service includes: A 30 min tarot reading followed by the creation of your very own custom essential oil blend.

The blend will be supercharged and programmed with quantum codes and infused with quantum reiki energy. The custom blend will be based on the messages that come through for you. It may include what you need to let go of, clearing your energy field, helping you to calm and ground and much more. You will gain insight, feel grounded and balanced.

Session includes reading + 10 ml roller or a 1 oz essence spray.

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