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Angela Ford-Reimche, M.Sc, Ph.D(c), DHNN (c), Holistic Health Practitioner

Angela Ford-Reimche, M.Sc, PhD(c), DHNN(c), CET

Angela is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctoral candidate in Natural Health & Nutrition, Psychoneuroimmunology, Mind-Body-Soul Practitioner, Life Purpose Coach, Meditation & Breathwork Coach, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Quantum Healer, Certified Energy Therapist and owner of Oia Pure Naturals, Soul2Strength, Soul Sculpt and Oia Pure Naturals on Etsy and Amazon.

Working in the natural health industry ignited Angela’s calling to make a difference in people's lives through health and wellness. The study of biological medicine, the pleo-morphism of organisms in the body, allowed her to realize that the body truly can heal from the inside out. That includes the “psyche”, “soma” and the physiological/ cellular matrix of the individual as a whole.

Angela received her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Master of Science in Health and Kinesiology & Bio-mechanics from Purdue University. Angela is finishing her doctorate in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition with a focus on Holistic Healing and Psychoneuroimmunology.

As an intuitive healer and holistic health care practitioner, who specializes in psychosomatic - emotional conflict healing, wholeness health, life purpose coaching, and energy healing, she utilizes a very integrative approach along with a variety of options and modalities to help her clients find their hidden potential give them the necessary tools to develop, grow and being agents of change in their health. 

Angela has developed health programs designed to bring energetic balance, grounding and well-being back into people's daily living and use natural remedies for natural health and wellness. She passionately believes that you should be proactive with your health. Angela assists her clients and patients restore their health, spirituality and well-being.

Angela is also the creator of various essence sprays and luxury perfume oil blends.

Over the years of studies, Angela has learned that the body heals as an integrated whole and not by individual/isolated means. When the body is viewed as three entities: body, mind, and spirit, greater healing can arise. This is a belief and philosophy Angela holds in high regard. She is passionate about empowering women in all avenues of life.

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