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Crystal Skulls

Humans have worked with crystal skulls for more than 2,000 years. 

Divine in their own right, crystal skulls are incredibly protective, especially concerning the spiritual battle we fight. Psychic protection can manifest in our lives in many ways that include: 

  • Preventing negative emotions from others to penetrate your energy field (think evil eye energy)
  • Block any ill-will sent your way
  • Alleviates dark emotions that spur depression and anxiety
  • Protect your aura

The healing power of a crystal skull makes it a great piece for a new home, where stagnant or leftover energy may linger. It’s also great to keep on your desk at work. With many energies surrounding you, a crystal skull can keep you safe from unwanted energetic exchanges.

The unique vibration of a crystal skull spiritual enlightenment and wisdom and activate the crown chakra. Important thing to note is that Crystal Skulls will reflect energy, as they are capable of pulling out truths that have been hidden even from oneself.

Crsytal Skulls are ideal for shadow work, to rebuild and heal ones' self from the inside out.

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